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Overdraft Protection

Information About Our Overdraft Services

An overdraft occurs when you don’t have enough money available in your personal checking account to cover a transaction. We have a Standard Overdraft Practice that comes with Chase checking accounts and also offer Overdraft Protection and Chase Debit Card Coverage, which are optional services that can help pay overdrafts when they occur.

Overdraft Protection

Our Overdraft Protection allows you to link a Chase savings account as an Overdraft Protection backup account to your checking account to help pay any overdraft transactions that may occur. The exact amount needed to cover the transaction will be transferred if enough funds are available.

What it pays

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All transactions, including everyday debit card transactions.

What it costs

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There is no fee for an Overdraft Protection transfer; however, an Overdraft Protection transfer counts toward:

  • $5 SAVINGS WITHDRAWAL LIMIT FEE, which is a Chase fee, applies for each withdrawal or transfer out of a Chase savings account over six per monthly statement period. All withdrawals and transfers out of your personal savings account count toward this fee, including those made at a branch or at an ATM. This fee is waived for Chase Premier Savings accounts with a balance of $15,000 or more in the account at the time of withdrawal or transfer out
  • FEDERAL REGULATIONS also limit you to six savings account withdrawals or transfers per monthly statement period. However, this limit does not apply to withdrawals or transfers made in person at a branch or at an ATM. If you exceed the federal limits on withdrawals, we will notify you and may convert your savings account to a Chase Total Checking account

For applicable fees, when there is not enough money in your linked Overdraft Protection backup account, please refer to How your transactions will work for personal checking accounts (PDF)

For business accounts:

See information on How your transactions will work for business accounts (PDF)