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How transactions post

Chase Overdraft Services

How transactions post

Posting order is the order in which we apply deposits and withdrawals to your account. We provide you with visibility into how transactions are posted and in what order to help you better manage your account.

When we transition from one business day to the next business day we post transactions to and from your account during our nightly processing. The order in which we generally post items during nightly processing for each business day is:

  1. First, we make any previous day adjustments, and add deposits to your account.
  2. Second, we subtract transactions in chronological order by using the date and time of when the transaction was authorized or shown as pending. This includes ATM and Chase banker withdrawals, transfers and payments; automatic payments; or Chase Mobile online transactions; checks drawn on your account; debit card transactions; wire transfers; and real time payments. If multiple transactions have the same date and time, then they are posted in high to low dollar order.

    There are some instances where we do not have the time of the transaction therefore we post at the end of the day the transaction occurred:
    • We are unable to show the transaction as pending; or
    • We don't receive an authorization request from the merchant but the transaction is presented for payment.
  3. Third, there are some transactions that we cannot process automatically or until we've completed posting of your chronological transactions. This includes Overdraft Protection transfers or transfers to maintain target balances in other accounts. We subtract these remaining items in high to low dollar order.
  4. Finally, fees are assessed last.

If you review your account during the day, you will see that we show some transactions as “pending.” For details, refer to the section “Pending” transactions in the Deposit Account Agreement. These transactions impact your available balance, but have not yet posted to your account and do not guarantee that we will pay these transactions to your account if you have a negative balance at that time. We may still return a transaction unpaid if your balance has insufficient funds during that business day's nightly processing, even if it had been displayed as a “pending” transaction on a positive balance during the day. If a transaction that you made or authorized does not display as “pending,” you are still responsible for it and it may still be posted against your account during nightly processing.

For more information on how your transactions post, see our

Personal checking accounts (PDF)

Business accounts (PDF)

You can avoid overdrawing your account by making a deposit or transferring funds to cover the overdraft before the business day ends and we start our nightly processing. If you deposit a check, this assumes we don't place a hold and the check isn't returned. Here are the cutoff times for making a deposit or transferring funds from another Chase account:

  • At a branch before it closes
  • At an ATM before 11 PM Eastern time (8 PM Pacific time)
  • When transferring money on or Chase Mobile® or using Zelle® before 11 PM Eastern time (8 PM Pacific time)

Additional cutoff times apply to other transfers, including transfers from non-Chase accounts. For more information refer to the online services agreements.

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