Overdraft Protection

Don't worry. You're covered. Overdraft Protection.
Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection is a convenient way to help prevent overdrafts and Insufficient Funds or Returned Item Fees on your account


What it is:

Overdraft Protection helps you avoid overdraft fees when you don’t have enough money in your Chase checking account by the end of the business day Footnote  (Opens Overlay).


How it works:

  • An automatic transfer (if funds are available) from your Chase savings Footnote  (Opens Overlay) or Chase credit card account Footnote  (Opens Overlay) to your Chase checking account will be made at the end of the business day.
  • The transfer is generally made in $50 increments to cover your transactions and the Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee (for example: $50, $100, $150).

How much it costs:

There is no fee to enroll; however, each day we make a transfer, you will pay one $10 Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee Footnote  (Opens Overlay). If the transfer is from your credit card, you will also pay interest from the date of the transfer. We will not charge an Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee if your ending account balance, before any Overdraft Protection transfers are made, is overdrawn by $5 or less or the Overdraft Protection transfer resulted from transactions that are all $5 or less.


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