Chase Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection.

What it is:

Allows you to link a Chase savings account as an Overdraft Protection backup account to your checking account to help pay any overdraft transactions that may occur. The exact amount needed to cover the transaction will be transferred if enough funds are available.


What it pays:

  • All transactions, including everyday debit card transactions

What it costs:

  • There is not a fee for an Overdraft Protection transfer; however, an Overdraft Protection transfer counts toward:
    • Savings Withdrawal Limits: A $5 Savings Withdrawal Limit Fee may apply for each withdrawal or transfer over six per  monthly statement period, including withdrawals at a branch or at an ATM
    • Federal Limits: Withdrawals out of your savings account are limited by federal law

For applicable fees, when there is not enough money in your linked Overdraft Protection backup account, please refer to How your transactions will work for personal checking accounts (PDF) and How your transactions will work for Business accounts (PDF)


You can avoid these fees if you transfer or deposit funds to cover the purchase by the end of the business day (generally by 11 PM ET, 8 PM PT). Footnote  (Opens Overlay)


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