Check Routing Numbers

The American Bank Association (ABA) routing/transit number and your Chase account number can be obtained from a voided check. Chase Liquid® customers can find their account and routing numbers by logging into, choosing the "Customer Center" tab, and then the "Set up direct deposit" link.

Check graphic indicating The routing and Transit number are denoted by nine digits at the bottom left, the checking account number is at the bottom middle and the check number is to the right of that. In some cases the order of the checking account number and the check number is reversed.

The routing/transit numbers are also available in the table below. Select the region that corresponds to where you opened the account.


Routing/Transit Number Translation Table


Routing/Transit Number

Arizona 122100024
California 322271627
Colorado 102001017
Connecticut 021100361
Florida 267084131
Georgia 061092387
Idaho 123271978
Illinois 071000013
Indiana 074000010
Kentucky 083000137
Louisiana 065400137
Michigan 072000326
Nevada 322271627
New Jersey 021202337
New York – Downstate 021000021
New York – Upstate 022300173
Ohio 044000037
Oklahoma 103000648
Oregon 325070760
Texas 111000614
Utah 124001545
Washington 325070760
West Virginia 051900366
Wisconsin 075000019

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