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How to use Google PayTM

Frequently asked questions

How to use Google PayTM

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay provides owners of Android® devices the ability to use their Android phone to make in store, in-app and online payments using an eligible Chase credit, debit and/or Chase Liquid® cards.

How do I get Google Pay on my Device?

Google Pay may be preloaded on select devices. If your device does not have the app, simply download it from Google Play

Google Pay requires that you sign-into your Google account before you register any credit/debit cards. During setup of Google Pay, you will be prompted to create an Google Pay PIN, pattern, or password. For select devices running Google Marshmallow 6.0 or later, you may use your fingerprint to verify transactions.

How do I add my Chase cards to Google Pay?

Choose the Google Pay icon, and log in using your Google account information. If you do not already have a Google account, you can create one.  Once logged in you can, touch ADD CARD in the Android Pay app to begin the process of adding your card. Center the card in the on-screen window and Google Pay will read the card number.  Or you can enter the card number manually.  Verify or enter the additional information such as Cardholder Name, Expiration Date and Security Code (CVV). Read and accept the Terms and Conditions for adding a card to a digital wallet by touching AGREE TO ALL. You may be prompted to select a delivery method for receiving a One Time Passcode, such as SMS or EMAIL or CALL IN. The One Time Passcode will be delivered to the destination selected. Enter the code received and touch SUBMIT.  Once complete, your card is ready for use in Google Pay.

How do I pay using Google Pay?

Once your eligible Chase card is registered to Google Pay, you may select Google Pay as your default wallet. Settings vary by device manufacturer and model, so if you need help setting Android Pay as the default option for making mobile payments, please contact your mobile service provider.  Once Android Pay is the default wallet, paying is as simple as unlocking your device and holding the device up to the NFC contactless reader at the POS. Ensure that your Chase card is set to the default card.

Google Pay will indicate that you are ready to make a payment.

For NFC Contactless Payments

  1. Hold the phone above the NFC contactless reader on the payment terminal
  2. The two devices should be almost touching

The merchant or cashier is asking for the last 4 digits of the card when I make an Google Pay transaction, what do I give them?

In the event you are asked to provide the last 4 digits of the card when you make an Google Pay transaction, you should provide the merchant with the last 4 digits of the device account  number or token, as that was the account number used in the purchase.  You can locate the last 4 digits of the device account number in the Google Pay app on the Card details associated with the card you are using for your purchase, just tap on the card image to access the number.

Is there a fee associated with using a Chase card with Google Pay?

There is no cost to use Google Pay from Chase; however, an active data plan with a mobile carrier is required. Based on your wireless plan and mobile carrier's offering, additional message and data charges may apply. Your credit card terms and conditions, your debit card Deposit Account Agreement or your Chase Liquid agreement will apply for purchases. Chase does not charge any fees to add your credit, debit and/or Chase Liquid cards to Google Pay.

Can I use Google Pay outside of the United States?

If your card is authorized for international purchases, and you are visiting a country where Google Pay is available, you can use Google Pay to make purchases at retailers that accept contactless payments.  Based on your wireless plan and mobile carrier's offering, additional message data charges may apply.  Foreign transaction fees may apply if applicable to your wireless plan and your credit card account.

Can an Google Pay token be used for recurring charges, subscriptions or bills (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc)?

This service is not currently available.

What is Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that allows two devices to exchange payment information quickly and conveniently at close proximity. Google Pay uses NFC technology to transmit payment information from your phone to the contactless payment terminal.

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