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We’ve enhanced our platform for For a better experience, download the Chase app for your iPhone or Android. Or, go to System Requirements from your laptop or desktop.

It’s easy to get started with Chase Pay

Chase Pay. Get more than you pay for.

It’s easy to get started with Chase Pay

If you're a Chase customer, your eligible cards are preloaded and ready to use. Simply download the app.

Get started in a few simple steps

Simply sign in

Just enter your existing Chase username and password.

Pick your card

It's easy to set your favorite card as your default payment method.

And pay

Paying is simple and rewarding when you use Chase Pay.

Got it? Now for some helpful tips

Save time at the register

If your phone is in your hands, so are all of your eligible cards. Open the Chase Pay app and pay with a tap or QR code. Turn on your Ultimate Rewards® points to redeem them for a statement credit.

Because grabbing that morning latte doesn’t have to make you late.

Skip the line at restaurants

Use Chase Pay to order your food ahead of time and avoid the wait. Open the app to find participating restaurants near you, add menu items to the cart and place your order.

Look for special offers on anything from salads to sushi. Eligible offers will be automatically applied at checkout, so you can enjoy your meal with a side of savings.


Pay for gas from the comfort of your car

Use the Chase Pay app to find a gas station, enter your pump number and pay from your phone.

Plus, you can link your Fuel Rewards® account for extra savings when you use the app to pay at the pump at Shell.

Chase Pay for your business

Merchants big and small are already making transactions more rewarding with Chase Pay. See how it can help grow your business.


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