What a month at Whataburger

Published June 17, 2024| minute read

    Campaign results

    • $3.8MM in total sales
    • 27K new customer transactions
    • 19% post-campaign retention rate for new customers


    Opening account

    There’s a lot to love about Whataburger, a lively quick-service restaurant born out of Texas in 1950. But with a highly regionalized presence, primarily in the South, not just anyone can dine there regularly. The brand’s marketing team knew they required targeted reach with a focus on lasting growth. And Chase Media Solutions could deliver that precision in several significant ways.


    Branching out

    To support Whataburger’s objective of strategic growth, the Chase Media Solutions team leaned into the targeting capabilities of their transaction-based platform. The primary audience for Whataburger’s cash back offer campaign would be new customers — people who hadn’t made a purchase with the brand in the last 12 months. Chase Media Solutions evaluated restaurant sites and population density to identify the states that would drive the most engagement. Then the team finetuned the offer with a higher incentive for acquisition and maximum reward amounts that limited Whataburger’s campaign expense. In December, the offer went live on Chase’s owned channels. 


    Total gains

    Whataburger’s 31-day campaign achieved $3.8MM in sales. Its incremental sales totaled $118K with 27K new customer transactions. The campaign’s average order value for new customers was 12% higher than for loyal customers. In addition, in the month after the campaign’s end, there was a 19% retention rate for new customers, $113K in additional sales and an average of 1.7 additional transactions per customer


    Extra credit

    Chase Media Solutions continued to track Whataburger sales for a full 30 days after the end of the campaign in order to provide the brand with long-term value reporting.