Air Canada’s ticket sales take flight

Published April 3, 2024| minute read

    Campaign results

    • $2,315,191 in incremental sales
    • $6.3MM in total sales
    • 80% new customer transactions
    • $542 average order value

    Opening account

    In its efforts to explore new ways to inspire more U.S. travelers to chose Canada’s largest airline to travel the globe, Air Canada turned to Chase Media Solutions right out of the gate.

    How do you motivate someone to take a chance on a new brand? And, more important, how do you do it when they’re buying something as significant as an international flight? Air Canada was eager for answers, and Chase Media Solutions was happy to show how transaction-based marketing could deliver.

    Branching out

    Air Canada leveraged Chase Media Solutions’ exclusive purchase data to create a campaign targeting new-to-the-airline customers within Chase’s 80MM audience. The team identified a transaction-based segment composed primarily of customers with no purchase history with the brand in the last year. Then, working together, Chase Media Solutions and Air Canada designed a cash back offer construct that would drive the specific growth the airline craved: Ticket sales. They did this by setting a minimum spending requirement that encouraged shoppers to make purchases larger than just an upgrade or baggage fee.

    Total gains

    Air Canada’s transaction-based marketing campaign landed an impressive $2,315,191 in incremental sales (45% incrementality for new customers) and successfully inspired transactions from 9,450 new customers. It garnered 32.2MM customer impressions during the 30-day campaign and an average order value of $542.

    Continued growth

    Air Canada decided to run a subsequent campaign to build on the momentum. With Chase Media Solutions’ help, the airline used this second campaign to test and optimize the offer construct while continuing to engage both new and existing customers. (Offers can be designed with different reward formats, such as a percentage or a fixed cash back amount). Their second campaign achieved a 40% incremental lift for new customers and a 75% incremental lift for loyal customers. It also resulted in transactions from 7,475 new customers, $2,270,172 in incremental sales and $5,166,599 in total sales.

    Onward and upward

    “The Chase team succeeded in creating a thoughtful, targeted offer that exceeded our expectations.”

    Scott O’Leary, Vice President, Loyalty and Product, Air Canada

    O’Leary continued, “Within a 60-day period they developed, tested, and validated two distinct offer constructs in market that simultaneously drove incremental revenue and awareness for Air Canada amongst Chase’s cardmember base. Running the second campaign allowed us to additionally test a slightly different offer construct, enabling us to build upon the strong performance of the first month. These tests clearly demonstrate the potential of the Chase Media Solutions channel, and we look forward to working together more in the future to attract more U.S.-based travelers to Air Canada.”