80 million Americans bank on Chase. Now marketers can too.



Chase Media Solutions℠ powers transaction-based marketing campaigns that connect your brand with Chase customers through everyday purchases.



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Strong connections, real scale


$1.6 trillion


Our annual credit and debit sales reach a combined $1.6 trillion.


$8.4 billion


Chase Offers drove $8.4 billion in spend to merchants who ran on our offers platform.


800 million


Our platform has 800 million offer views monthly on average.

The key to better connections

Chase Media Solutions campaigns come to life through Chase Offers, our customer-facing program. Offers are targeted using customers’ purchase history and published on Chase’s owned channels. When customers activate offers and shop in-store or online, they’re rewarded with cash back. Meanwhile, brands drive acquisition and incremental sales. 


Our digital media platform delivers incremental growth.



Drive better ROI

Our pricing model, media format and first-party purchase data ensure strong returns on ad spend, incremental sales and acquisition. On our platform, brands are only charged when a customer views a campaign and makes a purchase. Plus, our media format — cash back offers — is ideal for influencing consumer spend behavior. In addition, we precisely target audiences based on first-party transaction data, then track the entire purchase journey for accurate attribution.


Turn purchase history into future sales

Transaction-based marketing empowers brands to target consumers based on their purchase history to drive in-store and online sales. Campaigns can be targeted to acquire new customers, reengage lapsed customers and grow the value of existing relationships with loyal customers.


Track online and in-store purchases with confidence

We use our holistic view of Chase customers’ financial lives to track the entire consumer journey and accurately attribute sales to campaigns. Then we make it easy for our clients to track their campaign’s performance and download reports on the Performance Dashboard. We also provide incremental lift reports so clients can see the larger impact of their investment.

Meet the Chase audience



Are everywhere


We have branches in all lower 48 states.

Trust us deeply


We have been working with customers for over 200 years.

Are engaged


Our platform has 800 million offer views monthly on average.

Are incredibly loyal


 95% of primary bank customers are here to stay.

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