Allowing you to shop with confidence and save time along the way

The Chase Homebuyer Advantage℠ Program demonstrates to sellers and real estate agents that you’re committed and qualified to purchase a home.

This program gives you a head start. It allows us to review your income, assets and credit history up front—saving time once you’ve found a home. After you’ve made an offer on a home, we typically just need the purchase contract and appraisal to finalize the paperwork.

The Chase Homebuyer Advantage Program provides:

  • Confidence in knowing what you can comfortably afford
  • A Conditional Approval Letter, typically valid for 90 days, Footnote  (Opens Overlay) you can share with the seller and real estate agent to demonstrate you are a serious and prepared buyer
  • A timely closing once you find a new home

The Chase Homebuyer Advantage Program is just one more way we're committed to bringing you the best mortgage experience in the industry.