A home equity line of credit requires a lien to be placed and filed with your local county clerk’s office on your property as collateral. If you intend to pay off your account entirely, your local county clerk’s office typically charges a fee for processing the release of the lien on your property.

Here’s what you should do to pay off and close your account:

  1. Request a payoff quote which includes any fees charged by your local county clerk’s office.

    Call us at 1-800-836-5656 or visit any Chase branch. We’ll fax or mail your payoff quote within the same day. Please allow 10 days for mail delivery.
  2. Pay the amount shown on your payoff quote

    Once you receive your payoff quote, you can pay with secured funds, such as a cashier’s check, sent to the address below, or an online wire transfer made on chase.com.
  3. Sign the authorization form

    This is enclosed with the payoff quote and confirms that you want to close your account. When signing, also make sure to include your full account number on the form. Return it by mail or fax to:
    Mail:  Chase
            Mail Code OH4-7166
            3415 Vision Drive
            Columbus, OH 43219-6009

    Fax:  1-614-422-7575