Term Loan A

Term Loan A financing allows you to borrow against new or existing machinery and equipment and against commercial real estate.

Advance Rates and Amortization

  • Machinery and equipment
    • Up to higher of 100% of forced sale value net of liquidation expenses, and 85% of net orderly liquidation value and 80% of invoice for new equipment hard cost
    • Amortization up to seven years
    • Consistent with cash flow capability and machinery and equipment value depreciation
    • Tenor up to five years
  • Commercial real estate
    • Up to 75% of fair market value
    • Amortization up to 15 years
    • Tenor up to five years

Collateral Monitoring

Typically requires:

  • Field examinations and periodic appraisals
  • A standard financial covenant package tracked on a monthly or quarterly basis