Alison: What we're trying to do is to entertain the masses. Have them have unique shared experiences, and be immersed in their environment. I'm Allison Jamele and this is my wonderful husband, Dan, and we are the owners of MediaMation, Inc.
Dan: We're a entertainment technology company. And our main business is 4D motion simulator seats for theme parks and in the cinema market for movie theaters. We were able to take what we do with music, and actually incorporate it into what we do here. Having that whole concept of how things work together in music is the same way you are doing here as you are starting to figure out, okay I have audio sounds coming from the speakers. I need to augment those with effects…so you hit bumps, explosions go off around you, you shift to the side, up-and-down and everything. She wants to run the business, I need to keep coming up with the different things that we're doing. We don't want to worry about banking day-to-day.
Alison: We started as a Chase Private Client and they will be there to help you every step of the way.
Dan: So when it came time to look for a better business bank, it was a natural thing for us to go check out Chase.
Jim: I'm Jim Marley, relationship manager with Chase Business Banking. What we like to do is work with those folks that want to bring us in. That allows us to recommend different solutions. Chase Platinum Business as an example, to say, this is going to match your business model to a tee.
Dan: We're one of those strange companies that manufactures in California. And we ship out to Mexico, China, you name it. Exchange rates can become a real problem as well as foreign transaction fees and Chase took care of that for us.
Jim: Chase Platinum Business provides an ease and low cost of doing wire transfers.
Alison: We just have a lot more flexibility with our Chase Platinum Business account, and we have a lot more freedom.
Jim: We understand that for our customers, time…is more valuable than money.
Dan: Chase Merchant Services allowed us to offer advanced replacement parts to our customers.
Alison: And we can get the product out to them right away.
Jim: Not only doesn't have to worry about collecting their money, they get it before they ship.
Alison: We just feel like that marriage is very important, between Mediamation and Chase Bank.
Dan: She is a very practical person.
Alison: He has this…genius of a mind.
Dan: We compliment each other very well in what we do.
Jim: It's the most fantastic experience; it brings in all the sense you can imagine.
Dan: The greatest enjoyment is when somebody finishes sitting in a ride that you've made and you see them laugh and have a good time, and you go: My life's good. I've done what I've wanted. We hope soon that we'll see a lot of X40 seats at your local movie theater.


BOBBY: When we were in college, there was an awful lot of conversations about going into business together.

BRIAN: We actually had a lawn mowing business and we made that one summer. I remember when Bobby first called and said that he was going to work selling forklifts. Good luck with all that. He started telling me what kind of money he was making. Tell me about these forklifts you got over here.

BOBBY: My name is Bobby Barr.

BRIAN: I'm Brian Hoffmann. We're the owners of CE-DFW Warehouse solutions. We sell, service, and rent forklifts, high-speed doors, loading dock equipment. We think of service as the total buying experience with our company. To our customers, if one of their forklifts is down, it's an emergency. Time is money. Service is the biggest part of our business, and that's what my passion is. Jessica shares that passion. Chase Platinum Business allows us to run our business more efficiently.

JESSICA: My goal is to make sure that my clients are completely "wowed" by my level of service. I think that's one of the reasons we had an instant connection.

BRIAN: She studies our business, and she says "here's what I think we need to do."

JESSICA: As their banker, it's my job to find every possible solution to help them save time, or save money.

BOBBY: Chase Platinum has helped us save money due to the fact that there's no fees associated with a lot of different transactions.

BRIAN: Cash flow is critical in our business. We get a service call, we send a technician. Typically, we have to wait 90 days for our money.

JESSICA: Through Merchant Services, that money is in their account within 24 hours, giving them quicker access to their cash.

BOBBY: We had very humble beginnings.

BRIAN: We were in a garage, operating out of a game room, so we had three technicians, staged all of our parts on a pool table. We had a lady working in a broom closet, literally. We took the door off so it didn't look like a closet. Chase came in and gave us an SBA loan.

BOBBY: When we started we didn't dream that we could have a place like this.

BRIAN: This facility is 36,000 square feet, on 3 acres of concrete. Now we have 40 plus technicians, it is definitely growing.

JESSICA: I just cannot express just how proud that I feel when you see them succeed.

BOBBY: It is very gratifying to see the service philosophy that we started with as what got us here today.

Blue Chip Farms:

TOM: A farming culture is generally anti-change. Things are done all the same way. A lot of people said it couldn't be done differently and we are here to show them that they are wrong. We breed, raise, and sell champions. I am Tom Grossman. I am the owner of Blue Chip Farms. We are a full-service boarding and breeding operation. We'll give birth to about 170 foals. Our stallion's will breed about 900 mares. We breed, raise, and sell yearling horses that go on to be champion race horse and Olympic show jumpers. You work all year and sell horses 1-2 days a year in the fall. So it's survive until then. We really have to manage the incremental cash flows through the year. There's got to be a better way. We need help and we called our friends at Chase.

JIM: I am Jim Shea from Chase. I am the relationship manager here in the Hudson Valley, New York. We understand that farming is generational and change is slow.

TOM GROSSMAN: Like a lot of business, this business is getting more competitive and if we aren't aggressive and grow, we won't exist.

JIM: The Chase Platinum Business is the right way to go for Tom.

TOM: You need a partner that's there with you to smooth out the tough times. We take care of several hundred client mares at different points in the breeding season. It's a nightmare to take on a new international client if you don't have the Merchant Services package to get paid. With Merchant Services, we can manage re-occurring payments extremely efficiently. We even get paid the next day. Now we are much more aggressive in Canada and we have a huge business in Australia as well.

JIM: We do not charge clients for wires that are coming into their accounts. Every dollar we can save our client is either profit or can be driven back into their business.

TOM: Chase Platinum Business gave us ideas and products that can help us have the ability to continue to expand. Otherwise Emma wouldn't be here. I think anyone who has spent time here has said the horses are happy and that's something we take great pride in. Breeding is the combination of art and science. We brought the right mare and the right stallion. We raised it the right way. And the horses are thriving. And we're fired up. Everyone around this farm this farm is hooting and hollering all together.


We like winning, don't we? This place has survived for a reason. It produces champions. There is the collision of the people that are here and the right opportunity. It feels like it's really meant to be.