Here's an example of a person, Nancy, who is considering applying for a new car loan.

Applying for a loan

With Chase, you can apply online any time – day or night. You can apply individually or with a co-applicant. Chase offers car loans for new and used cars from a dealership. Also, you can refinance your existing car loan and possibly lower your rate. Whether you drive a small truck, SUV or minivan, Chase has financing options for new or used cars.

Helping you through the loan process

When Nancy was looking to finance her dream car, she used our Purchasing Checklist to see what documents she’d need to apply for a loan with Chase. She even used the links on the Chase site to NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) to check the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the car she wanted to purchase. And, she used the AutoCheck link on the Chase site to get a history report on the car. She applied online and then later, she logged in to check her loan status. Approved! Then, Chase called her to explain the next steps.

Why choose Chase for your car loan

With Chase, you get the assurance that you’re doing business with a reputable bank with years of lending experience. In addition to security and convenience, you can get the competitive rates and quality service that Chase customers enjoy. Plus, you get one-stop shopping without multiple credit inquiries, which could affect your credit score. With Chase, your personal information is kept safe and private.

Important: This profile is for informational purposes to help customers identify ways to make informed financial decisions. The person in the profile is fictional, but based on actual customer experiences. For questions about your specific situation, consult your own financial advisor.


In this sample scenario, Nancy did
the research first. Now, she’s cruising
along in her dream car.

For our customers, we strive to help make the car financing experience as quick and convenient as possible.

- Chase Personal Banker