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Chase Person-to-Person QuickPaySM is a free online service that allows users with a Chase checking account to send money to and receive funds from virtually anyone with an e-mail address and a valid U.S. bank account.

You don't need to be a Chase customer to use the service. You just need to enroll and provide a valid U.S. checking or savings account. However, one of the accounts in a transaction must be a Chase checking account.

Default Chase QuickPaySM Account
Your default Chase QuickPaySM account is the account you designate to receive and send funds in a Chase QuickPaySM transaction. You can change the Pay From account (i.e., the account from which you send your money). However, you must change your default Chase QuickPaySM account to change the account designated to receive money.

Using a Non-Chase Account
If you want to use a non-Chase account, you may make one transaction if the amount is less than or equal to $250 ($1,000 if the transaction is associated with an invoice). Once your one-time transaction is complete, you must verify the account to continue using it for Chase QuickPaySM.

To Do
This tab displays details about transactions that require your attention. Either someone is sending you money, or he or she is requesting money from you.

To accept a payment, click "Accept Money." To decline the payment, click "Decline." You have 10 days from the date the money was sent to accept the money or the transaction will be canceled. Click "Show" to see the payment details. Click "Hide" to remove the payment details. Once you accept a payment, it will move from the To Do tab to the Money Received tab.

To respond to a request for money, click "Send Money." To decline the request, click "Decline." Click "Show" to see the request details. Click "Hide" to remove the request details. Once you accept or decline the request, it will move from the To Do tab to the Requests tab (under Requests Received).

Money Received
This tab contains all Chase QuickPaySM money you've received, regardless of whether you actually accepted the money.

Money Sent
This tab contains all Chase QuickPaySM money you've sent, regardless of whether the recipient actually accepted the money.

This tab contains all Chase QuickPaySM money requests you've sent or received. The requests received include requests you have already paid and those you have not yet paid.

Click "Options & Settings" to:
  • Add or change recipients in your Chase QuickPaySM recipients list
  • Add or change external (or non-Chase) accounts
  • Add or change your e-mail addresses and mobile phone
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  • Add or change invoice templates
  • Add or change invoice line items
  • Add or change business profiles