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From this page, you can review the status of all active accounts. Convenient links under the I’d Like To heading can help you navigate quickly to interactive account features.

How to interpret your Account Details

The Account Selection drop-down list shows the list of all your currently registered accounts. To see details for a different account, select the account from the drop-down list and click “Show.”

The Payment Info section displays information relevant to your current payment for the associated account. The information that appears under Payment Info includes:

Minimum payment due - The minimum amount you must pay by the next payment due date to remain in good standing with your account.
Note: Minimum payment due reflects the minimum amount due from your most recent statement.

Next payment due date - The date on which your next payment is due

Last payment amount - The amount of the last payment we received from you

Last payment posted date - The date on which your last payment posted

The Cash Advance section displays information relevant to your cash advance for the associated account. The information that appears under Cash Advance includes:

Cash advance balance – The current cash advance balance on this account

Cash advance limit - The highest amount you can take as an advance against your credit limit

Available for cash advance - The amount of available credit you can use for cash advances

The Account Info section displays information about your current account status.

Outstanding Balance - The total of all transactions less any payments

Pending Charges The pending charges line of your Account Details page shows the charges that have been authorized but not yet posted to your account. Actual charges are the amounts of purchases that have posted to your account. To understand the difference between pending charges and actual charges, it's helpful to review the charge process. When you present a credit card to a merchant for payment, the first thing that happens is that the merchant requests authorization for the amount of the purchase. This occurs when your card is swiped. In most cases, the merchant knows the exact amount of the purchase and requests authorization in that amount. For example, if you go to the market and buy $82.75 worth of groceries, the market would ask for authorization to charge that amount to your card. Until the charge posts to your account, this amount would show in the pending charges line of your Account Details.

Sometimes, though, the merchant doesn't know how much you'll charge until after the authorization must be made. A good example of this is at the gas pump. When you swipe your credit card, a request for authorization is made immediately. Because the amount of the purchase is unknown at that point, the merchant asks for authorization up to a specified amount. For this example, the authorization request is for $50. This amount also shows in your Account Details as a pending charge. Your gasoline purchase ends up being $22.50. That's the actual charge that will be paid to the merchant.

In rare instances, the actual charge is posted to the account before we receive an updated list of pending charges. It can appear that you are being charged both the authorized amount of $50 and the actual purchase amount of $22.50. In reality, the pending charge will usually be removed with the next update. In no case will you be charged both amounts.

Total Credit Limit Your credit limit is the maximum amount you can charge to your credit card account. Your credit limit is determined during the application approval process, and is based on your credit history and your current income. We will provide you the highest credit limit for which you qualify.

Available Credit Your available credit is the total amount of credit remaining on your credit card account. It is the amount you may charge or transfer to that account. Your available credit equals your total credit limit minus your outstanding balance. For example, if you have a $5,000 credit limit, and your balance is $3,000, your available credit is $2,000.

If your account currently has No Pre-Set Spending Limit, the "Available Credit" is the amount of your "Credit Access Line" currently available for use, and your "Total Credit Limit" is the total amount of your "Credit Access Line" as defined within your Cardmember Agreement.

Last statement date - The date your most recent account statement was issued

Next closing date – The date your next statement period ends

Balance last statement - The total unpaid balance on the account as of your last statement

The APR section displays information about the Annual Percentage Rate on this account.

The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) applied to this account

Purchase APR – The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) applied to purchases

Cash APR – The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) applied to cash advances