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What is Chase QuickDeposit?

Chase QuickDeposit is a secure service that allows you to scan paper checks from your desktop and electronically send the images to Chase for deposit through the Internet.

How does Chase QuickDeposit work?

In order to use Chase QuickDeposit, all you need is the Chase QuickDeposit scanner, a computer with Internet connection, and an eligible Chase business or Commercial checking account. Simply place your checks in the scanner and it will read and transmit an electronic image to Chase, automatically depositing the funds into your Chase checking, savings, or money market account.

You can scan up to 150 checks for Business Banking clients or 300 checks for Chase Commercial Online clients in one single deposit and can make as many deposits a day as you like. Deposits received by 11:00PM ET are processed on the same business day. Check images are stored securely online for accurate and efficient record keeping.

What are the advantages of using Chase QuickDeposit?
  1. Save time and expense by eliminating you or your employees' trips to the bank to make check deposits.
  2. Speed your workflow by spending more time on your business, not your business finances.
  3. 24/7 access to your accounts and check images through
  4. Reduce paperwork with secure, online storage of check images and transaction history.
  5. Have peace of mind knowing your money is protected by the cutting-edge fraud protection offered by Chase.

Do I need any special training to use Chase QuickDeposit?

Chase QuickDeposit is designed to be intuitive and user friendly. The system guides you through every step of the process, and online help is always available. Chase QuickDeposit users can begin scanning checks immediately after installing the scanner.

Is Chase QuickDeposit secure?

There are several layers of security with Chase QuickDeposit. First, Chase uses advanced technology to protect the confidentiality and security of your financial activities while you are online. We require a User ID and password to access any account information using Online Deposits. Account information is only displayed in the secure Chase Online application, where firewalls block unauthorized users from accessing your account information. Second, if you have sub-users associated with your Chase Online account, they cannot enroll in Chase QuickDeposit by themselves. Only your company's System Administrator may initiate enrollment in the service. Once enrolled, the System Administrator must explicitly grant sub-users permission to use the service through the Access Manager module.


When can I submit my deposits?

Deposits can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can multiple deposits be submitted each day?

There is no limit to the number of deposits that can be made in a day.

By what time does an online deposit need to be submitted for same day processing?

A deposit received by Chase before 11:00 PM ET is processed on the same business day and those funds from the deposits will generally be available for withdrawal by the second business day after the day of deposit. Deposits made after 11:00 PM ET will be viewable in your account immediately, but will be processed the next business day.

Do I need to use paper deposit slips when I use Chase QuickDeposit?

No. QuickDeposit automatically creates an electronic deposit ticket for each deposit. Physical deposit slips aren't needed.

What kind of checks can be processed through Chase QuickDeposit?

Checks1 payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on any U.S. bank including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Personal Checks
  • Business Checks
  • US Treasury Checks
  • Money Orders (depending on specific type)

Can foreign currency checks be processed through Chase QuickDeposit?

No. Chase QuickDeposit is only for checks payable in U.S. Dollars and drawn on banks in the United States.

Can I export, save and print images of my deposited items?

Yes, you can save and print images of your deposited items. You can also export lists of deposits, items in a deposit, and return and adjustment items.

How long can I view information about my submitted deposits?

Under Chase QuickDeposit, "Search for Checks" you can view detailed information about your deposits for 13 months, including deposit images. "See Deposit Activity" provides activity for 13 months and images for up to 270 days. General deposit details are available in My Accounts for up to 120 days, or can be pulled for up to 13 months through statement history.

Can I scan coupons with my checks?

No. Chase QuickDeposit can be used to scan and deposit checks, but not coupons.

When is a deposit finalized?

Submitted deposits are subject to review before they are considered final. We will notify you about your deposit via the Secure Message Center on Chase Online from the “My Accounts” tab.  If your deposit was submitted on or before the business day cutoff (11:00 PM ET), you will receive this message the same day.

Where can I retrieve final details of a deposit?

You will receive final details on every submitted deposit via the Secure Message Center on Chase Online from the “My Accounts” tab.  If your deposit was submitted on or before the business day cutoff (11:00 PM ET), you will receive this message the same day.

What happens if the final deposit amount is different than the submitted amount?

Chase will send an e-mail that changes were made to the deposit to the Chase QuickDeposit Administrator and also the sub-user, if the sub-user submitted the deposit.  The communication is sent to the e-mail we have on file.  Details of the changes will be available via the Secure Message Center on Chase Online from the “My Accounts” tab.

Who is notified if the final deposit is different than the submitted amount?

Chase will notify the Chase QuickDeposit Administrator and also the sub-user, if the sub-user submitted the deposit.  Chase will send an email that changes were made to the deposit.   Details of the changes will be available via the Secure Message Center on Chase Online from the “My Accounts” tab.


How long should I retain the original checks?

After determining your checks have been successfully accepted and posted, you should mark the checks as having been deposited and store them in a secure location until destroyed. Please ensure that the scanning, storing and destruction of the original checks are done under controls appropriate for your business. There are no laws or regulations that state any specific length of time for you to retain the original checks. We recommend that you destroy the original checks immediately after the deposits have been posted to your account. However, this process should be done in accordance with legal and/or accounting guidelines appropriate for your business. Please be sure to consult with your personal tax and/or legal professional for guidance.


Are there fees for using Chase QuickDeposit?

Yes. For details about specific fees, please review the legal agreement for the service.


Do I have to purchase special software to use Chase QuickDeposit?

No. Chase QuickDeposit is integrated into Chase Online, and does not require purchase of additional software. However, it does require a check scanner, which can be ordered through Chase Online upon enrollment in the service.

What are the system requirements for using Chase QuickDeposit?

Minimum System Requirements :
  • An available USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Standard Type-A port

Supported Microsoft Windows® Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 or higher

NOT SUPPORTED - Windows® 8 RT - for tablets

Mac Based Operating Systems:

  • macOS Sierra
  • Mac OS X

Internet Browser Requirements:

To use Chase Quick Deposit, you must use one of the following Internet browsers. You will also need to have high-speed Internet service such as cable or DSL:

Minimum Supported Microsoft Windows® Based Browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge®
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11.0
  • Google Chrome® 38.0

Minimum Supported Apple Mac Based Browsers:

  • Apple Safari® 7.1

Your Company's Policies:

Installing the Chase QuickDeposit software sometimes requires some changes to your settings. Ensure the following policies are in place in order to begin. Your company allows you to download ActiveX controls. Your company has given you administrative rights to the computer to install software on your PC. Note: Most clients can perform the above tasks themselves. However, if you work for a company that has a person or department that maintains your PC for you, you may have to call the appropriate person to install these features for you.


What type(s) of scanners are supported for Chase QuickDeposit?

At this time, Chase QuickDeposit supports the Panini Vision X® series and Panini I:Deal® scanners.

Can I use a scanner I already own for Chase QuickDeposit?

The Chase QuickDeposit can be used with the same scanners models currently offered by Chase. We highly encourage you to utilize a Chase QuickDeposit scanner given you can utilize the full support from our servicing team.

Does my scanner come with a warranty?

Each Panini® scanner comes with a standard warranty. For more information, please see the documentation you received with your scanner.

What supplies do I need for ongoing operation of the scanner?

Cleaning kits are recommended to properly maintain your check scanner. You can order these from the Panini website at Icon


Is there an extra charge to use the mobile device?
No. There is no extra charge to use the mobile device. Message and data rates may apply. Such charges include those from your communications service provider.

How do I utilize the mobile devices to deposit checks?
You must be already enrolled in Chase QuickDeposit. Then, you need to do the following:

  • Login via the Chase Mobile® App
  • Locate the “Deposit” tab on the menu
  • Select the deposit account
  • Type in the check amount
  • Take pictures of the front and back of the check
  • Submit the Deposit

How do I get the Chase Mobile App for my Smartphone?
You can download the Chase Mobile® App from your App store.

Who can use the mobile devices to deposit checks?
Currently, the system administrator who signed up for Chase QuickDeposit can deposit checks. Sub-users are not able to use the mobile devices.

Are there deposit limits for the mobile device?
The maximum amount you may deposit to each eligible business or consumer account via an eligible mobile device or eligible tablet device on any day is $2,000 and the maximum aggregate amount that you may deposit during any thirty (30) day period is $5,000.

How do I know if my Smartphone can be used to deposit checks?
When you login to the Chase Mobile app, if you see the “Deposit” option on the menu, you will know you are eligible to deposit checks with your Smartphone .


Who can I call if I have questions about my scanner or other issues on Chase QuickDeposit?

If you are a Business Banking customer, call the Internet Service Center at 1-877-CHASEPC (1-877-242-7372). If you are a Commercial Banking customer, please access the Contact Us link. If you are a J.P Morgan Private Bank customer, call 877-840-0723.

1 Note that certain checks may not be accepted for Risk related reasons.

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