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Parents Guide Ages 18-24

Guiding your 18 to 24-year-old

Get your child on the path to financial independence

Savings lesson

Talk to your child about finding internships and side hustles to help fund their dreams now and after school.


  • Autosave rules - Your child can transfer money from their Chase checking account to their savings account automatically.  They can create custom rules to achieve specific goals.
  • Article -  Set them up for financial freedom after college
  • Article - Lessons before they make money
Spending lesson

Help your child learn to prioritize spending on what they need and saving for what they want by building a monthly budget together.


  • Budget tool (PDF) - They can build a budget on their own today with our useful budgeting tool.
  • Chase QuickPay® with Zelle® - With QuickPay, you can send money to your child on or off campus in moments. Plus they'll enjoy a safe way to pay their friends back.
Credit lesson

Teach your child why credit matters and why starting to build responsibly is important.


  • Credit 101 video - This video breaks down credit and how it works for your child. (see above)
  • Credit JourneySM - Utilize this free tool to track and learn about their credit score.
Chase SavingsSM

Reinforce the value of saving for short and long term goals with a Chase savings account with no monthly service fee for students.

Chase College CheckingSM

New Chase checking customers get $100 when opening a Chase College Checking account with qualifying activities.  Plus, they'll get access to digital tools and features to help them budget and spend smartly on campus and off.


Chase Freedom® Student Card

Encourage your child to build credit while earning cash back with every purchase.