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Working With Your Financing Home Lending Advisor

Choosing a refinance loan

Your Home Lending Advisor

Ready to start the refinancing process? Your Chase Home Lending Advisor will guide you through each step

As you begin to explore your refinance options, your Home Lending Advisor will be your guide throughout the entire process. He or she will help you choose the right loan option, lock in your refinance rate and walk you through all the paperwork you’ll need to complete your loan application.

A one-on-one relationship

If you decide to refinance your home with Chase, your Home Lending Advisor will be your dedicated day-to-day contact. As you’re shopping for your mortgage and applying for your loan, your Home Lending Advisor will be there to answer your questions and give you advice. You can call or email anytime.

Highly personalized solutions

No two homeowners are alike. So your Home Lending Advisor will get to know your personal situation and recommend solutions that address any special needs you may have. We can help you with your loan whether:

  • You're self-employed or work for a large corporation
  • You have terrific credit or less-than-perfect credit

No matter what your situation, your Home Lending Advisor can help you explore all of your loan options.

Your personal guide through the refinancing process

Your Chase Home Lending Advisor can help you with everything from exploring your options and choosing the right loan, to deciding whether to consider paying discount points and completing your mortgage application.

Once you submit your application, your Home Lending Advisor will simplify the application process by making sure all of your paperwork is filled out properly and submitted to the underwriter on time.

Ready to refinance your mortgage?

Call a Chase Home Lending Advisor

Now available Sundays