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Chase Sapphire

Thrillist x Chase Sapphire presents: Philly Style Bagels videoOpens Overlay

Tastes Worth Traveling For: Philly

Meet two Philly guys making a name for themselves in the bagel scene. 

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#ChaseSapphire: Our customers in their words


"I love the intimacy of it, so low key and chill. it was really nice to have an intimate conversation with the artist."

Katie J. on the Panic! At The Disco Chase Lounge event


"The fact that I'm at Sundance which is something I've wanted to do for so long and finally getting to realize that dream is surreal."

Brett H. on Sundance Film Festival

Wonderful place

"The fact that you get to come to this wonderful place, with all the stars, it's the best place to be."

Kay A. on Sundance Film Festival

Exquisite food

“I just knew that being able to come here and experience exquisite food and just have the opportunity to meet the chef, I mean what more could you ask for?"

Stephanie B. on Sapphire Sundays Brunch

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Thrillist x Chase Sapphire presents Hot Tub BoatsOpens Overlay

Tastes Worth Traveling For: Seattle

Tour Seattle’s waterfront in a floating hot tub.

Thrillist x Chase Sapphire presents, Yoga for Skateboarders videoOpens Overlay

Tastes Worth Traveling For: San Diego

This San Diego exercise class combines yoga with skateboarding.

Chase Sapphire presents Tastes Worth Traveling For, Five Daughters Bakery; Nashville videoOpens Overlay

Tastes Worth Traveling For: Nashville

Meet the family bringing artisanal donuts to Nashville.

Thrillist x Chase Sapphire presents: Baby Grand videoOpens Overlay

Tastes Worth Traveling For: NYC

Welcome to Baby Grand, New York’s smallest karaoke bar.

An inside look at the Sundance Film Festival videoOpens Overlay

An inside look at the Sundance Film Festival

Cardmembers got to make the most of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival with access to exclusive parties and top chefs. 

Scouting locations with Chase Sapphire and James Corden videoOpens Overlay

How one Michelin-starred chef reinvented Chinese-American cuisine

Head chef of Mr. Jiu’s, Brandon Jew blends his family’s past with modern cooking to offer a fresh take on Chinese cuisine. 

The Sapphire Six travel guide for Toronto

From street food sensations to craft cocktails, here’s our guide to everything that’s buzzworthy in Toronto.

Guides & Inspiration

Explore travel guides and experiences inspired by Sapphire®.

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The Sapphire Six travel guide for Austin
The Sapphire Six travel guide for Philadelphia
The Sapphire Six Travel Guide for New York City
How one chef is evolving America’s favorite meal
Around the World: Lord Howe Island, Australia
Around the World: Tokyo, Japan
Around the World: Rome, Italy
In the Kitchen With: Kristen Kish
Meeting the chef putting a fresh spin on sushi
Foods of the future: 7 trends to watch in 2018
6 tips for ordering wine like a pro

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