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Earn & Maintain Status

Enjoy enhanced benefits with elite status in World of Hyatt.

Hyatt card

World of Hyatt Status

As a Hyatt Credit Cardmember, you’ll enjoy World of Hyatt Discoverist status for as long as your Hyatt Credit Card account is open. Discoverist status provides you with a premium level of benefits at Hyatt hotels and resorts, including:

10% Bonus Points on eligible spend at Hyatt hotels and resorts
2:00 PM late checkout upon request at participating locations
Preferred room within the room type booked
A bottle of water daily
Dedicated check-in area
Exclusive reservation line

Plus, using your Hyatt Credit Card makes it easier to earn World of Hyatt Explorist status. Spend $50,000 with your Hyatt Credit Card each calendar year and you’ll automatically be upgraded to Explorist status, including:

20% Bonus Points on eligible spend at Hyatt hotels and resorts
Upgrade to best room available (excluding club lounge access and suites)
Guaranteed room availability 72 hours in advance
4 Club Lounge access awards (valid on eligible rates or when redeeming points for free night awards)

To learn more about the benefits associated with Discoverist and Explorist memberships, including eligible charges at Hyatt hotels and resorts, please visit the World of Hyatt terms and conditions, available at