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Chase Auto Preferred Pricing for Phoenix

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Welcome to pressure-free car buying

Only available in Phoenix

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Chase Auto Preferred is a new concierge car buying service that connects you to local dealers with discounted pricing.

Transparent pricing

Your concierge will show you the Chase Auto Preferred discounted price on new and used vehicles at the dealership.

No fee

Chase Auto Preferred is a free concierge car buying service.

Chase financing available

Work with your concierge to choose the financing option that’s best for you, which may or may not be with Chase.

Let’s get started — tell us what brands you’re interested in today.

16 brands and 19 participating locations!

















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After your purchase, we’ll ask for feedback. Give us a try today!

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Do you have questions? We have answers.

What is Chase Auto Preferred?


Chase Auto Preferred is a concierge car buying service tailored to consumers who want a pressure-free shopping experience at a dealer. Chase Auto Preferred provides discounted pricing on new and used vehicles and a concierge who will walk with you through the car buying process.

What should I expect in the Chase Auto Preferred process?


Once you provide your contact information, you can expect your Chase Auto Preferred Concierge, who is a dealership employee dedicated to being the sole point of contact for Chase Auto Preferred customers, to contact you.


From there, you can expect that:

  • Your Chase Auto Preferred Concierge from the dealership will facilitate and walk with you through your purchase process
  • You’ll receive Chase Auto Preferred discounted pricing communicated at the dealership
  • You’ll receive timing and location flexibility for test drive and trade-in evaluation

Please provide your best contact information so your Chase Auto Preferred Concierge can easily communicate with you. If you don’t receive a response within one business day, please check your spam folders for an email from the dealer(s).


Finally, at the end of the process, you can expect to receive a survey requesting your feedback on your experience with Chase Auto Preferred from a third-party survey vendor, Directions.

Do I need a Chase account to participate in Chase Auto Preferred? 


No, participation is open to anyone who is interested in purchasing a vehicle in the Phoenix area. You do not need to have a Chase account to participate in this program. By participating in this program, you do need to agree that Chase and the dealer(s) will share information with each other concerning your participation in this program, and that Chase will follow up with you to ask for your feedback concerning your experience.

Does Chase Auto Preferred apply to purchase and lease? 


Yes, Chase Auto Preferred applies to both purchase and lease.

Does the Chase Auto Preferred discounted pricing on a vehicle include all associated fees? 


No, the Chase Auto Preferred discounted price does not apply to any additional document fees, tax, title and/or registration charges, or other charges required by law. Additionally, any aftermarket product purchases (e.g., tire and wheel coverage) will not be included in the discounted price.

What if I’m interested in more than one brand? 


Please choose one brand/dealership from the dropdown menu, and then provide in the “notes” section on the form a list of the other brands which interest you.

Will more dealers and brands be added to the program? 


Yes! If you’re interested in a brand that isn't listed above, please check back soon. We'll be adding more brands and dealers to the program in the coming months.

Where can I provide feedback on the Chase Auto Preferred program? 


We value your feedback and will be contacting you to learn about your experience with Chase Auto Preferred through a request from our survey partner, Directions, using the email address you provided to us on your initial interest form. Depending on your comments, it’s possible we may have additional follow-up questions as well. If you don’t receive a survey request from us within 45 days of your car purchase, please be sure to check your spam and junk folders.

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