Chase OnlineSM Banking Video Transcript

Description: (Music playing in the background)... The video opens to a screen. As the announcer begins to speak, a woman is shown whisking mixture in a bowl. Alongside, she opens her laptop and begins to type.    

(Chase OnlineSM Banking sticker)…

Announcer:  Chase Online Banking. Enjoy the convenience of banking anytime using – your online resource that’s loaded with tools and services that make your life easy.

Getting Started

Description: The woman (smiles) continues to work on her laptop.

(Getting Started Sticker…)

First, create an account at From the home page, click “Log In or Enroll”, and then select “Enroll in Chase Online.”

To get started, you’ll need your account, credit or debit card numbers… your social security or tax ID number, and click “next”.

To ensure the security of your account, we’ll need to confirm your identity. Choose how you’d like to receive your temporary identification code.

Once you receive the temporary identification code from Chase, enter it in the space provided.

Now that we’ve confirmed your identification, create a password to help protect your account using the criteria in the box to the right. Confirm that all of your contact information is correct, and click “Next.”

Here, you’ll have the option to enroll in other convenient banking tools that come with your Chase checking account. You’ll also have the ability to enroll in these services at any time when logged into After making your selections, click “I Consent.”

The video ends with a blank screen.

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