Chase Mobile® Banking Video Transcript

Description: (Music playing in the background)… The video opens with a family of four; father, mother, son, daughter; running through a park in the background and in the foreground, an image of a smart phone with the Chase Mobile App screen showing and On-screen text "Chase Mobile App" next to it. The family sits down in the park and is having a picnic in the background. A larger image a smart phone appears in the center of the screen  with panning images on the phone. (images: a lock for security, visual of accounts page within the Chase Mobile App, icon for money transfers, icon of two checks for visual of depositing checks, chase logo with "Pay Joe" in a blue sticky note to show Chase QuickPay.) In the foreground an image of an iPad and a smart phone are displayed

Announcer: The Chase Mobile App gives you the freedom to bank practically anywhere, anytime.

Now, the convenience and security of Chase banking is right at your fingertips - at no extra charge.

So you can view account balances and transactions, transfer funds and pay bills, deposit checks, or even pay someone while on the go.

All this, simply using your eligible mobile device.

Description: "Getting Started" text is displayed on the screen in the foreground and the family is still having a picnic.

Getting Started

Description: Background changes to a grey gradient and a smart phone is displayed in the foreground with a visual of a new text message screen and user typing a message to receive a link to download the Chase Mobile App. Phone screen pans to show a visual of the smart phone's App Store and then pans to the Chase App log on screen. The screen on the phone pans through the steps to set up the app if it is a user's first time downloading the app.

Announcer: Here's how to set it up:

Text "iphone" or "android" to 24273, and you’ll receive a link to download the Chase Mobile App.

It can also be downloaded through your smartphone's app store.

If the app is not available on your phone, you can still enjoy the benefits of mobile banking by visiting using your phone's mobile browser.

Once you've downloaded the app, log on using your user ID and password.

If you don’t have a username and password, you can create one by selecting “enroll” after opening the app and following the prompts. You can enroll in digital banking and setup a user name and password directly in the mobile app or go to

If it's your first time using the app, you'll need to verify your identity and register your device.

Click “Request” an Identification Code. Then select how you would like to receive your 8-digit verification code, based on the information you already provided.

This one-time verification step is designed to ensure the security of your account information.

Once you receive your verification code, enter it in the space provided along with your password and now you’re ready to go.

Description: The video ends and fades to a white screen. On-screen text: Click the title above to watch the next module. Copyright 2014 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC


Description: (Music playing in the background)…  The video opens  with a  man sitting outdoors holding his phone. (On-Screen Text: Using the Chase Mobile App)…

Using the Chase Mobile App.

Description: The scene quickly changes to a light gray gradient background and a smart phone in the center of the screen opening the Chase Mobile App. The various features of the Chase Mobile App are highlighted such as the new features, account preview and view statements. The phone turns on its side and an image of a check is displayed representing QuickDeposit. The phone is turned back upright.

Announcer: The Chase Mobile App is designed for you to do more banking in less time, especially while on the go...

Like checking the balance and transactions of each of your accounts. Log in with fingerprint authentication and check the balance and transactions of each of your accounts.

And with Chase Account Preview, registered users can even view limited account balance & payment information for select credit card, checking and savings accounts without ever having to log into the app.

You can also view statements right from your phone…

Transfer money from one Chase account to another or to an account at any other bank… Pay your bills in a few simple steps… Pay people straight from your phone with Chase QuickPay…

Deposit checks like you’re snapping a photo, with Chase QuickDeposit.

Or even locate the nearest Chase branch or ATM from just about anywhere.

Description: The scene changes back to a man sitting outdoors holding his phone. The Screen changes to the same man in the park with playing with his son and daughter

Announcer: With the Chase Mobile App, you're always connected to your banking needs.

So You Can have more time...for times like these.

Chase. So You Can.

Enjoy the convenience and security of the award-winning Chase Mobile App by downloading today.

(On-Screen text: Chase. So You Can)

Video ends with a blank screen.

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