Alerts Video Transcript

Description: (Music playing in the background)... The video opens to a screen. As the announcer begins to speak, an image of a man using a mobile is shown.

Announcer: (Using Instant Action Alerts sticker)…Using Instant Action Alerts

First, be sure that you entered your mobile number in your Alerts Delivery Profile. With Instant Action Alerts enabled, Chase notifies you via text message when your balance dips below an amount that you set, or if your account is overdrawn.

The text will include the account name, account balance, and a message saying that your balance is below your preset limit.

It will also include a qualifying account that you can transfer money from.

You can instantly transfer funds by simply responding to the message. To transfer money to your checking account, respond to the message with a “T” for Transfer, a space, and then the amount you’d like to transfer – without including the dollar sign.

After hitting Send, the transaction is complete. You’ll receive a confirmation text showing your updated balance.

Description: A man removes his mobile from the pocket of his pants. He’s then shown with the child who’s learning to ride a bicycle.

Chase Logo, So You Can, Chase Account Alerts, Getting Started Today, Copyright Information sticker displayed…

And that’s how you can easily stay on top of your account activity, and help avoid overdraft fees using Account Alerts. So You Can have more time…for times like these.

Chase. So You Can.

Enroll today to enjoy the convenience of receiving timely account alerts from Chase.

Video ends with a blank screen.


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