Chase Mobile App - Print Statements Transcript

Description: Piano music playing in the background. The video opens to a screen of Jon Batiste playing the piano.

Announcer: When you need to bank without going to the bank, pop open the Chase Mobile app. You can log in using your account details or just use your thumbprint if you have an iPhone or Android phone.

Description: Jon Batiste grabs his phone off of the piano while the speaker talks and opens up to the Chase Mobile app.

Announcer: You can quickly check your account balances, view transactions, and even view or email your statements.

Description: Jon Batiste checks his account balance.

On Screen: Jon Batiste’s account balances.

Announcer: Easy-to-use Chase technology, for whatever you’re trying to master.

Description: Jon Batiste continues to play piano, music fades out.

On Screen: Picture of Chase logo with heading Chase. So You Can.