Chase Mobile app - Check Deposit Transcript

Description: Piano music playing in the background…. The video opens to a screen of Jon Batiste playing the piano. Woman walks onto screen and places a check onto the piano.

Announcer: When you need to deposit a check, but don’t feel like leaving your piano stool, you can do it virtually from wherever you are using your Chase Mobile app.

Description: Jon Batiste grabs check off the piano and opens up the Chase Mobile app.

Announcer:  Just take a photo of the front of the check.

Description: Sound of camera clicking to take a photo of the check.

On Screen: The camera is opened on the mobile app to take a picture of the check.

Announcer: Flip it over, and take a photo of the back after you’ve endorsed it.

Description: Jon Batiste flips the check over and holds his phone over the check to take a picture. The sound of the camera clicks to take a photo.

On Screen: The mobile app takes a picture of the back of the check.

Announcer: the image of the check will be sent to Chase and you’ll get confirmation right on your screen.

Description: Jon Batiste places phone and check on top of the piano.

On Screen: Screen displays “transaction successful”.

Announcer: You’re money will generally be available for withdrawal by the next business day.

Description: Jon Batiste continues to play piano.

Announcer: Easy-to-use Chase technology, for whatever you’re trying to master.

On Screen: Picture of Chase logo with heading Chase. So You Can.