Chase ATMs - ATM Deposits Transcript

Description: Open with Jon Batiste playing piano. He stops playing and gets up to leave.

Announcer:  When you need to deposit cash or a check quickly…

Description: Jon Batiste enters the Chase branch and begins playing his instrument.

Announcer: It’s easy to use a Chase ATM near you.

Description: Jon begins using ATM.

Announcer: Just insert your debit card.

On Screen: Jon clicks on the main menu of the ATM.

Announcer: Select make a deposit and your account.

On Screen: Jon selects “Make a Deposit” screen on the ATM.

Announcer: When depositing cash, just insert your bills at once.

Description: Jon inserts bills into the ATM.

Announcer: It’s the same drill when depositing checks.

On Screen: Jon selects “Deposit Checks” on ATM.

Announcer: And you can view the deposited checks right on the screen.

On Screen: “Review Your Checks” screen on ATM.

Announcer: For added assurance, your check image can appear on your receipt and on the Chase Mobile app.

Description: Receipt with check images prints from the ATM. Jon takes receipt and leaves the branch.

Announcer: Easy-to-use Chase technology, for whatever you’re trying to master.

Description: Cut to Jon back at the studio, light music plays.

On Screen: Picture of Chase logo with heading Chase. So You Can.