Chase ATMs - ATM Convenience Transcript

Description: Open to Jon Batiste playing piano. He stops playing and gets up from his stool, grabs his phone and jacket, and starts beat boxing.

Description: Next shot, Jon Batiste walks into a Chase bank, he pulls out his instrument and begins to play as he walks over to the Chase ATM.

Announcer: Now you can do more than ever at our Chase ATMs.

On Screen: Chase ATM main menu screen.

Announcer: You can quickly view your account balance.

On Screen: Chase ATM “Get Cash” screen.

Announcer: You can customize how you get your cash by selecting what denominations you want.

On Screen: Chase ATM “Choose your denominations” screen.

Description: Jon Batiste grabs cash out of ATM.

Announcer: Or maybe, you just want to transfer funds between accounts.

On Screen: Chase ATM “Transfer Money” screen.

Announcer: Just select the Chase account you want your money to move to and from, and enter how much you want to transfer.

Description: Jon Batiste clicks options on the Chase ATM screen to transfer funds.

Announcer: You can also make a payment to your Chase credit card.

On Screen: Chase ATM “Make a Payment” screen.

Announcer: Select your Chase credit card account, then which account you want to use, and how much you want to pay.

Description: Jon Batiste selects the account he wants to use and how much he wants to pay. He finishes his transaction and turns to leave the branch.

Announcer: Easy-to-use Chase technology, for whatever you’re trying to master.

Description: Cut to Jon  Batiste back at the piano, taking off his jacket and singing “For Once in My Life”.

On Screen: Picture of Chase logo with heading Chase. So You Can.