Chase QuickDepositSM Video Transcript

On-Screen: At an outdoor party, Scott, the Bar Mitzvah boy, is in the center of a group, posing for a family picture.

Group: Cheese!

On screen: The screen flashes. It continues to flash as Scott puts on his best smile for a series of family pictures. In a blue suit and tie he looks nice - but his smile starts to fade as the family photo-shoot continues. Finally, there is a look of exasperation on his face. He finds a chair and plops down into it. A smiling middle-aged relative, in a sharp gray suit, walks over to him.

Relative: Hey kiddo, ready for some more photos?

On screen: The man hands Scott a check. Scott grins and takes a picture of it with his mobile device.

Voice of Narrator: Easily deposit checks with the Chase Mobile app.

On screen: After photographing the check using the Chase Mobile App, the device's screen displays the message: "Transaction Successful." Small white text appears at the bottom of the screen: "J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. Copyright 2017 J. P. Morgan Chase and Company." Scott turns to see a sprightly Grandma in large glasses making a bee-line toward him!

Grandma: (laughs) Yoo-hoo! One more, Scottie!

Voice of Narrator: It's one picture you won't have to pose for.

On screen: The man takes a picture of Grandma pinching Scott's cheek. Scott does his best to smile. White text on screen: "Chase."