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Step 1: Stop Using Your Old Account, Start Banking with Chase

Before you open an account with Chase, explore our banking products.


Step 2: Switch Your Direct Deposit

Print out and complete the Direct Deposit Form (PDF).
Take the form to your employer's payroll department.


Step 3: Redirect Your Automatic Payments

Print out and complete an Automatic Payment Change Form (PDF) for each automatic payment you have set up (such as your monthly car loan or mortgage payments).


Step 4: Close Your Old Bank Account(s)

  • Ensure that all checks and transactions have cleared before you close the account.
  • Print out and complete the Account Closing Form (PDF).

NOTE: For your convenience, the forms for download on this page have been created so you may input all required information prior to printing them. If you would like to view all three forms at once, download PDF.

Additionally, if you're paying bills online, see how easy it is to set up your favorite payees using Online Bill Pay with Chase OnlineSM Banking.

Let Chase's Switch Kit help you change banks.

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