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Step 1: Switch your Direct Deposit to Your New Chase Account

The fastest, safest way to deposit your income check.

Your Paycheck (PDF)
Check to make sure your employer offers Direct Deposit.

Other Income (PDF)
Retirement or pension plans, dividends, and more.

U.S. Government Income
Government benefits such as Social Security or Military Pay.


Step 2: Redirect Your Automatic Payments and Set Up Online Bill Pay Footnote  (Opens Overlay)

Save time and money by paying bills automatically.

Pay bills from the Chase Mobile® App Footnote  (Opens Overlay) or Chase OnlineSM by scheduling one-time or recurring payments. Log On to Get Started

Provide updated debit card or account information to each merchant with whom you currently have an automatic payment scheduled. Automatic Payments Form (PDF)


Step 3: Track Your Progress

Capture the dates of the deposits and withdrawals you've changed, and confirm when they apply to your new account!


Step 4: Close Your Old Bank Account(s)

Account Closing Form. Download (PDF)
Ensure that all checks and transactions have cleared before you close the account.


Chase digital technology makes it simple to bank on the go. Learn how easy it is to check account statements, receive balance alerts, and even deposit checks with just a few clicks. See what's possible!

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