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Get alerted via text, e-mail, push or phone. Set up account Alerts today.
Take action instantly
With Instant Action Alerts we'll notify you via text if your account dips below your preset limit or becomes overdrawn. Then simply send back a text to transfer funds. It's fast, easy – and best of all – it's FREE.
  • Transfer money from almost anywhere, at anytime
  • Help avoid fees with low balance Alerts by transferring funds
  • No need to visit a branch or be near a computer to transfer funds
More alerts for even more control
Chase offers a wide range of Alerts that help you stay in control of your finances, keep your account safe and help avoid overdrafts.LaaQf3 }q L/JI`t[- lD893ptćNпJ ]6Y{8O7je"dM;UҧN+u"idžƎrFQA2KưoCY 1XW(`!.*QRR `RKv0|Ij}}t>,E*f%,tA$ܰ{ >l,I\n )$ЃcY N4';۷2^}doӢq&1u;:&\}C^癨- ,&ATN`HF*.AS(U0PM LuOZoTI}frbw]Bg52 ֔QVToӗI&FnXq5޲0ءԈD%9T˛D˕*oRWƒa3g Qc K3dj٬r\g;3Zrt6Mqt_` {#J!7uya>{h%RU;[.d@fwO+y_d‚SX'Dc49iej nT#,NrB!~R2Y5簎zhjThܻ_kw6!~FcBf>x=zcK} Ôٛ*[~yQIzUM-mpus l.f=\G./8 0}OuR{]@;`)R7Yy@dVZkQ33\yZ hecsMb[ިU6&&B BFt> 5B:34VxV kLfNzB^@ Vr^GXN@8 <=J)ܫع\{˺~"s=~ qf^|-orklRdq,5sבbQEcE<0IG/]DnMgZ#WTNR[a'w4 wri=+x] .#B0aQN߭Q,$4'vt;u8p}wۜsb%Wƥ`@$bOq1)ċFi.WU|+ D %v[t7qVMO2LX_!(: -pU+-rvQ4?GbjB$$07h*ZOb6*Z9n%'KK:OuFca2Es 8ekdNh:LFa{f4;c>߾R9h3^v.hDUw˫gbʰx9&vF8ȸV:1ҡ1Wv.R^^_G-s +Za**JSh*9zӈͅ[,ף?4i20wȾD0Yb4gC7FʳT-v  0pb}'*SfKco! ,$F=18 UZ_MhdV`} Pջ<}x uu7[U*z6@rmF-. rJ);"h0#Q\Ϟ =y[_qD0Gᱹ: o/oL -X%;>?ʰW~Z >n6rOBsI}vOZ#;a|oiKs~vS? rPf u(0ۭLH E.q<,p Q!ɩh|0pГd)0[Brv,gOC  f +^ E{Y@pF@ URFԸجBj mhz#)php "ˀЅcbO}27&vnécG9C2ܦ6h36{֗E(A#n@GZ9Est@r2elV,J#}jcj+~ڵ,*7QYtqGw>*91QT-?CO ¯