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Meet Vivienne

As part of a tribute to her love of music and travel, Vivienne turned to
her Chase Private Client team to help her plan for her financial future.

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Thanks to Chase Private Client, I had some certainty in a
period of my life of great uncertainty.

— VIVIENNE, a Chase Private Client

Vivienne and her late husband, Chuck, built their lives around a mutual passion for music and travel. Before Chuck passed away, he and Vivienne had agreed that a musical tribute would be a wonderful celebration of their life together. Chase Private Client gave Vivienne the confidence to plan for the tribute concert and prepare her financial future.

Vivienne designed the tribute program from a list of Chuck and her favorite songs.

I am grateful to both Aimee and Dan who were
able to explain the various options. I trust them
and trust is very important, especially when it
has to do with your money.

As a Chase Private Client, Vivienne has her own Private Client Banker, Aimee, and her
J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor, Dan, who works closely with Vivienne until she feels secure
and comfortable with all of her financial options. Like all Chase Private Clients, Vivienne has direct
access to their dedicated team, whether in person, over the phone or via email.

I always had the option to tweak and organize
the portfolio and the investments how I wanted.
I really appreciated that.

Vivienne's Dedicated Team Helped with:

  • Planning for Her Goals
  • Personalized Attention and Services
  • Account Details
  • Investment Expertise and Advice

Vivienne meets with her Chase Private Client team regularly, either at the Chase office or in her home.

It was a relief to me that Aimee and Dan were
willing to take the time to understand the way
I make decisions because that's the best
way they can help me in the future.

Vivienne's Chase Private Client team gives her access to special privileges like waived fees and
premium products and services. As a frequent world traveler, Vivienne especially appreciates the
added travel benefits provided by Chase Private Client.

Knowing that her finances are in order, Vivienne continues her travels all over the world.

Chase Private Client is wonderful for
travelers like me. One call to Aimee, and I can
access anything I need. That's a relief.

Travel Benefits For Chase Private Clients:

  • 24/7 client service line from abroad, free of charge
  • No cost for traveler's checks
  • No Chase exchange rate adjustment fees for debit card usage or ATM withdrawals abroad
  • Waived Chase fees on ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases abroad
  • A rushed replacement debit or credit card can be sent almost anywhere in the world at no charge

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Vivienne's Dedicated Team



Vivienne's Private Client BANKER

"My main focus is getting to know my clients and making sure they're taken care of. Whatever it is they need, I give that high level of service. I really like helping them get the best of everything here at Chase."



Vivienne's J.P. MoRgan Private Client Advisor

"Chase Private Client is a total collaboration. I handle the investments, giving our clients access to the science and strategies that J.P. Morgan has to offer, and Aimee addresses the banking needs. It's the perfect relationship for clients and for us."

A Dedicated Team Focused On You



See how Chase Private Client combines concierge banking from Chase with the investment expertise of J.P. Morgan.

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