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Meet Tom

After a long career, Tom turned to his Chase Private Client team
to help him build a retirement that gave him more time with
the people that meant most to him.

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TOM: More time with my family



LAURA: Retirement on my terms

Christian: Building my legacy

My dream for retirement? Relax, have fun and just enjoy what
is most important to me – my family.

— Tom, a Chase Private Client

After a long and successful career filled with demanding schedules and frequent travel, Tom looks forward to retirement with his wife, Carol, and their children and grandchildren. But he wants a solid plan to ensure they can enjoy time with the family without worrying about their finances. Chase Private Client is helping him realize his vision for retirement. Together, he and his wife work with their dedicated team to develop a truly personalized plan.

Retirement will allow Tom and Carol to enjoy time with their grandchildren.

I truly believe Chase Private Client has our best interests at heart. And to me, that is everything.

As a Chase Private Client, Tom has his own Private Client Banker, Zalal, and his
J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor, Jonathan, who both take the time to get to know Tom
and his wife and understand their priorities. Chase Private Clients have direct access
to their dedicated team, whether in person, over the phone or via email.

Jonathan and Zalal have made it so I can now feel confident and comfortable with retirement.

Tom's Dedicated Team Helped with:

  • Planning for His Goals
  • Personalized Attention and Services
  • Preparing For His Family's Future
  • Investment Expertise and Advice

Tom and Carol look forward to spending time with family and traveling.

If we need something, they're there to support us. I felt a trust that I haven't felt in a long, long time at a bank.

Tom's Chase Private Client team gives him access to special privileges like waived fees, expedited transactions, premium products and services.

Concierge banking is peace of mind. It's the team knowing how you think and what you want. They get to know you, and it makes a big difference.

Tom meets regularly with his dedicated Chase Private Client team.

Tom and Carol work closely with their J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor to evaluate their finances, expenses and goals for their retirement. Together they develop a long-term strategy that plans for their family's future.

The J.P. Morgan Retirement Planning Process

  • 1. Understand your financial goals and objectives
  • 2. Work together to develop a plan that aligns with those goals
  • 3. Conduct account reviews to determine any necessary plan adjustments
  • 4. Allow access to timely and actionable market perspectives

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Tom's Dedicated Team



TOM's Private Client BANKER

"As a Private Client Banker, I take care of all of my clients' banking needs and always look out for their best interests. What's most rewarding is knowing that I've built a strong relationship and earned their trust."



TOM's J.P. MoRgan Private Client Advisor

"With access to J.P. Morgan products, I'm able to offer clients more sophisticated products for more specific needs. Tom and I put together our financial plan to make sure that in retirement he and Carol were able to enjoy life and not have to worry about their finances."

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