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Meet Mark & Rise

After years of building a business, Mark and Rise are feeling confident about their future goals, and that with continued help from Chase Private Client they can now focus on the journey ahead.

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I think it's not so much that our team helped us dream bigger, it was that
they helped us see our big dreams were not unattainable.

— Mark, Chiropractor and a Chase Private Client

Mark and Rise share a love of the outdoors with their children. Now that their children are grown, Mark and Rise can take time from their chiropractic practice to travel more with each other. It's taken careful planning with their Chase Private Client team to help them feel confident in traveling as often as they want.

Although they're out of college, Mark and Rise's children will never outgrow family vacations.

Chase Private Client, allows us to consolidate all of our finances and know exactly what's going on. Not just the personal checking and savings, but the business and everything else that's associated with it.

Mark and Rise knew they could turn to their dedicated team Noel, their Private Client Banker, and Daniel, their J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor for help with everything from business to travel needs. Their dedicated team has gotten to know their unique needs over the years and have given Mark and Rise the confidence that they're on the right path.

Mark & Rise's Dedicated Team Helped With:

  • Concierge Banking
  • Planning for Their Financial Goals
  • Investment Expertise and Advice
  • Business Banking

Mark and Rise meet regularly with their dedicated Chase Private Client team.

All I have to do is just ask, and it's there. I can just call my team and they will help facilitate whatever we need done.

— Rise, a Chase Private Client


So whether it's a small business loan for Mark's chiropractic business or a trip to the Galapagos Islands, Mark and Rise have confidence that their dedicated team can help them enjoy today without putting their retirement plans in jeopardy.

Mark and Rise are looking forward to even more adventures with each other now.

Business Banking for Chase Private Clients

Chase Private Client business owners benefit from a
Business Banking Relationship Manager who can:

  • Help improve cash flow
  • Provide financing options
  • Offering solutions for taking and making payments
  • Connect you to our Platinum Business services

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Mark and Rise's Dedicated Team



Private Client Banker

"Mark and Rise recently went abroad and asked us to make sure that everything was in order. We're able to guide them through whatever situations come about, whether it is travel related, business related or planning for retirement."



J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor

"After accessing J.P. Morgan expertise and completing a Customized Financial Analysis, Mark and Rise were actually very surprised that they could spend significantly more money on travel now, while still being on pace to get to where they want to be for retirement."

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