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Meet Christian

Christian is focused on the legacy he wants to leave for his children. He works closely with his Private Client Banker who manages his everyday banking, and his Private Client Advisor to ensure his investment strategy is helping to support his long-term goals.

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Christian: Building my legacy

When I think of what I hope to pass on to my children, culture, integrity and hard work are very important. I’d like to leave a more tangible legacy as well. There’s my jewelry business and hopefully there will be real estate too.

— Christian, a Chase Private Client

After a lifetime in the jewelry business, Christian is ready for new challenges in real estate and architectural design. With guidance from his dedicated team he looks forward to expanding his legacy as he begins this next chapter.

Christian looks to create a legacy for his kids.

When you are told that your dreams are possible, it’s a wonderful feeling.

As a Chase Private Client, Christian has built a trusted, personal relationship with his team: Joannie, his J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor and Syed, his Private Client Banker. They understand his goals, both personal and professional, and work together to help make them happen.

Christian’s Dedicated Team Helped With:

  • Premium Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Lending Solutions
  • Investments

Frequent meetings meant that Joannie and Syed have a true understanding of Christian’s values and goals.

I appreciate that I don’t have to go through multiple employees, and can go directly to Joannie and Syed whenever I need. They are always available for me.

As a father and an entrepreneur, it’s important for Christian to grow his business without taking on too much risk. His dedicated Chase Private Client team understands the importance of finding the right balance and is available to help him meet his goals.

Christian is passing on his family history. Someday he will pass on his jewelry business and properties.

Chase Private Client has been able to provide me with the advice I need for my investments and business growth.

Goals-Based Planning And Investing For Chase Private Clients:

Your Chase Private Client Banker will:

  • Guide you through premium banking solutions and services
  • Connect you with a dedicated Mortgage Banker for exclusive home lending benefits.

Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor will:

  • Work with you to position your portfolio to reflect your long-term goals.
  • Work with you to develop a personalized strategy to help you meet your financial goals
  • Revisit your goals each year to review your investment strategy and discuss any adjustments as your life changes and the markets evolve.

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Christian’s Dedicated Team



Private Client Banker

"Joannie and I are strong believers in teamwork and always put our clients first. I take care of all his banking needs while Joannie makes sure Christian’s investments are maximized at all times."



J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor

"Christian told us about his vision…and with access to J.P. Morgan’s investment portfolio, we were able to proactively find tangible ways to make his vision come to life."

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