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Credit Cards. Giving cash back rewards to those who serve


Chase is committed to serving our Military Servicemembers and their families. And with our military credit cards, we're proud to offer Blue Star Deployment Benefits to assist families when a loved one is deployed. It's a complimentary benefit for being a Military Credit Cardmember — and it's only available from Chase on our military credit card products.

100% Refund of Interest & Fees
With a Chase Military Credit Card and Blue Star Deployment Benefits, you'll receive a 100% refund of any interest & fees incurred during military deployment. The applicable APRs and fees stated in your Cardmember Agreement will continue to apply for all transactions outside the military campaign deployment period when you qualify for this benefit. There's no minimum or maximum amount of deployment time or deployment campaigns necessary to claim your 100% refund.
Peace of Mind
Authorized family members can continue to use the card for purchases while you're deployed and their card may be eligible for cash back rewards too. That is one less thing you have to worry about while you are away.
Why call them Blue Star Deployment Benefits?
The program name comes from the long-standing tradition of hanging a blue star in the window to honor a loved one currently on active duty in a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Chase is proud to offer our Blue Star Deployment benefit on our military credit cards as a way of showing our appreciation for all that you do for our country.

To take advantage of Blue Star Deployment Benefits,
call 1-800-759-0294.