Chase Commercial Online

Chase Commercial Online

Online Security Tips to help protect your business against online fraud

Chase takes online fraud seriously and has a dedicated Security Center with information, resources, and educational materials for your review and consideration. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your personal information over the internet, and layered security controls to help protect against unauthorized activity. You must take online fraud seriously too. To help reduce your risk of fraud and to enhance your company's online security, you should:

Password Tips 

  • Select passwords that are not obvious. Avoid using personal information as passwords, such as your last name or birthday. Also, avoid using the same user ID and password for multiple web sites.
  • Do not write or post user IDs, passwords or other sensitive information.
  • Remind your users to frequently change their passwords and not to share user IDs or passwords.
  • Prevent unauthorized persons from using your computer by logging off or locking your workstation when you leave the area.

Anti-Virus Software and Download Tips

  • Scan any software downloaded from the internet for viruses before installation.
  • Ensure your computer's operating system and software is updated on a regular basis.  Consult with your company's IT professional for assistance.
  • Use anti-virus and anti-malware software, and keep the software up-to-date.

Internal Controls

  • Maintain appropriate internal controls, including segregation of duties.  For example, have different people involved in reconciling accounts from those making payments.
    • One important step you can take to improve your controls is by requiring one user to set-up or initiate online payments and another to approve such payments. You can do this using
      Chase Dual ControlSM.
  • Perform a periodic risk assessment and evaluation of your own internal controls, including reviews of your users and the permissions you grant them. With Chase Commercial OnlineSM, your System Administrator can establish user permissions and online transaction limits for each of your users.
  • Regularly review your transactions and statements to detect unauthorized activity. Details of your transactions are promptly posted and available on Chase Commercial Online. It can be very useful to monitor and control transactions—including those originating online and through other channels, such as checks you've written or withdrawals you've made. 
    • Chase Commercial Online offers an online Positive Pay Service and Reverse Positive Pay Service to help you monitor and control checks clearing against your accounts.
    • Report any unauthorized or suspicious transactions immediately to Chase by calling the Chase Commercial Online Service Center or contact your Chase client service representative.
  • Customize alerts to receive notification when certain account activity takes place.

Validate Requests from Vendors or Partners

  • Fraudsters send emails to individuals and businesses from an email account that is disguised to be from a known vendor. These emails instruct the company to alter the instructions they use to make payments. Then, when a payment is made the funds are actually sent to the fraudster instead of the intended vendor.
  • WHAT YOU CAN DO: prior to making any changes to your payment instructions, immediately contact the vendor to confirm that the change is legitimate. You may also ask the vendor to confirm the instructions by faxing or mailing the request in writing on company letterhead.
  • For additional guidance, visit our page on Suspicious Emails and Phone Calls.

Please use online security services and frequently monitor your company's risk. Chase Commercial Online clients are held liable for the actions of their System Administrator and other Authorized Users, unauthorized transactions authenticated with the Security Procedure (as specified in the Chase Commercial OnlineSM Access and Services Agreement), and for not following Chase's recommended Administrative Procedures (such as Chase Dual Control).1 Also, please be aware that the Federal Reserve Board Regulation E (providing consumers with certain protections) is not applicable to commercial customers, including customers using Chase Commercial Online.


Online Security Measures

If you forget to log off from Chase Commercial Online, your session will automatically terminate after a few minutes of inactivity. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your financial data. Also, when you log off from Chase Commercial Online, we automatically clear any Chase Commercial Online web pages from the browser's memory to prevent anyone else from viewing web pages that were displayed during your Chase Commercial Online session.

Chase Dual Control
Chase Dual ControlSM
Require additional approvals for your transactions.