Chase Commercial Online

Chase Commercial Online

Fraud Protection Services

With Fraud Protection Services through Chase Commercial OnlineSM, your company can help minimize check fraud exposure by using our fast, simple online tools. By monitoring check activity, your company can help reduce losses by identifying fraudulent activity or errors before checks are paid. Getting started is easy – Chase Commercial Online system administrators can self-enroll in Positive Pay or Reverse Positive Pay and begin using the service in a few short business days. Once you enroll, you're automatically signed up for alerts that will let you know when you have checks ready for review.

Positive Pay

With Positive Pay, you provide details about checks you have written and Chase will compare that information to checks presented for payment. Any check that does not match the information you have provided will be marked as an exception, and you decide whether it should be paid or returned. Any checks that you have not reviewed by the decision cutoff time will be returned.

You can also enable Payee Name Verification during Positive Pay enrollment. If selected, Chase will verify that the person or entity presenting the check for payment is the payee you indicated when you provided your check details.

Reverse Positive Pay

With Reverse Positive Pay, we provide the tools you need to monitor checks on your own. During Reverse Positive Pay enrollment, you will specify a threshold amount for checks you want to monitor. Chase will then show you any checks presented for payment that are equal to or greater than that amount, and you can decide to pay or return each item. Chase will automatically pay any checks written for an amount less than your threshold, as well as any checks that you have not reviewed by the decision cutoff time.

To learn more about Chase Commercial Online and how it can help your business, please e-mail us or contact your commercial banker.

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Check fraud is on the rise. According to the Association of Financial Professionals 2012 Payments Fraud and Control Survey, over two-thirds of organizations surveyed were victims of actual or attempted payments fraud in 2011. Among organizations that suffered a financial loss, the typical loss was $19,200.
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Online Security Tips
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