Chase Commercial Online

Chase Commercial Online

Chase Dual ControlSM

To help reduce your risk of fraud, System Administrators can enable Chase Dual Control. Chase Dual Control requires transaction approval for all of your company's Chase Commercial Online users, including the System Administrator, by a different user. When Chase Dual Control is activated, it applies to all of the accounts you view through Chase Commercial Online, and all transactions submitted using most services.1

Activating Chase Dual Control helps your company:

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and promote security by requiring two different users, each with their own User ID and password, to review and approve certain transactions1
  • Decrease errors by having another user review transactions before they are processed
  • Enforce your own internal controls by requiring additional transaction approval for all Chase Commercial Online users

Current Chase Commercial Online clients can easily activate Chase Dual Control. Review step-by-step instructions in the Chase Dual Control Enrollment Guide and start using Chase Dual Control right away.

To learn more about Chase Commercial Online and how it can help your business, please e-mail us or contact your commercial banker.

Reduce Fraud Risk

Chase Dual Control can help reduce fraud risk by requiring another Authorized User to approve certain transactions.  Using Access Manager you can delegate tasks to Authorized Users and activate Chase Dual Control.