Accelerate Receivables

Accelerate Receivables

Cash Services

The physical movement of cash to and from your business is an important part of your daily operations. With 5,160 branches, more than 10,000 Deposit Friendly ATMs and a Nationwide Vault Network, you can place orders for currency, make deposits 24/7 and track activity by location through electronic reporting options.

Business Deposit Express

With our branch cash deposit solution, Business Deposit Express (BDE), you can conveniently make deposits (up to $10,000 in cash, with or without checks) at any approved branch or night depository vault (night drop). Additionally, you can place an order for next-day pickup of coin and currency (up to $5,000) at more than 5,000 branches in 23 states.

The ATM Business Deposit Card

The ATM Business Deposit Card is Chase's deposit-only card solution that lets your employees deposit cash and checks throughout the day at more than 10,000 Deposit FriendlySM Chase ATMs. Deposit slips or envelopes are never needed. It provides convenience for your employees and greater transparency for you. While your employees are depositing, you are able to easily track and reconcile those deposits online to simplify reporting.

Cash Vault Services

With over 90 cash vaults across our nationwide footprint, Chase has the resources to quickly respond with secure services to meet your unique cash-related needs.

  • Make cash deposits from all your locations via armored courier to any of our cash vaults.
  • Get same-day provisional credit for cash deposits made one to five hours later than the Federal Reserve deadline.
  • Use our automated voice-response system or our online ordering system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to place currency orders — as late as 1 p.m. local time for next-business day delivery (dependent on your armored courier schedule).
  • Track verification of cash and coin deposits for one store or hundreds with our wide variety of online information reporting options.

To learn more about Chase's cash services and how we can help you, please e-mail us or contact your local commercial banker.

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  • Best Accounts Receivable Services, World's Best Treasury and Cash Management Providers - Global Finance magazine, 2012
  • Best Bank for Supply Chain Financing - CFO World, 2012
  • Best Cash Management Specialist, Liquidity Solutions - The Asset, 2004 âÂ?Â? 2012