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Find the right Blueprint(R) plan for you

Blueprint is a FREE set of tools available on your Chase credit card. Start with one plan or set up all four—each plan is customizable and designed to save you money.

Full Pay

Avoid paying interest

Filling up at the gas station is a must, but paying interest on that purchase is up to you. With Full Pay, you can avoid interest on everyday purchases- even when you carry a balance- by selecting the categories you want to pay in full each month.


Pay off a large purchase

Say you bought a new fridge last month and you'd really like to pay it off quickly. With Split, you can set a timeframe and monthly payment amount and pay it off before you know it.

Finish It

Pay down a balance

Get rid of that balance quickly and easily with Finish It. Just choose your monthly payment or number of payments and create a plan to pay down any amount faster.

Track It

See spending trends

A dinner out here. A dinner out there. Things add up quicker than you think. Use Track It to see your spending trends at a glance and create a budget for the categories you want to track more closely.