Tips for Managing Your Finances

Please note this document is intended to be a reference guide to help you understand your statement. For full terms and conditions, please consult your Cardholder Agreement or call us at the number listed on the back of your Card.

We know that managing your finances, maintaining your credit rating and keeping your account in good standing are important to you. We suggest the following tips for achieving your goals:

  • Monitor your account activity. You can do this by reviewing your statements monthly or using your online account to:
    • View your current balance & transactions
    • Update your contact information (i.e., address, phone #)

  • Always pay at least the Minimum Payment Due. This will help you:
    • reduce the amount of interest you might have to pay on any low interest/promotional payments, and
    • keep your account in good standing, therefore avoiding any negative impacts to your account or your credit report.

If you can, pay your New Balance in full every month.

If you can't pay your New Balance in full, pay at least the Base Payment or as much as you can and as early as you can to limit the amount of interest charged on your outstanding balances.

We must receive your payment by the Payment Due Date to prevent your account from going past due and possibly reporting as delinquent to the credit bureaus.

Remember to allow for sufficient time for payment to get to us. Please visit our Payment Options page for more information.

Payment Method


Time Period

Telephone or Internet Banking

Through your financial institution

3-5 business days

In person at your financial institution

With Teller or at an ATM

5-10 business days


By Mail

5-10 business days

Credit Card, Cash or Debit

Not Applicable

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