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Codes of Conduct and Voluntary Commitments


Canadian Bankers Association's Code of Conduct for Authorized Insurance

The Code outlines the banks' standards for employees offering credit, travel and personal accident insurance with respect to training, disclosure, promotion practices, customer privacy protection and customer redress. For more information, view this code.

Principles of Consumer Protection for Electronic Commerce: A Canadian Framework

A guide to protecting customers in online transactions, developed with input from industry, government and consumer groups. For more information, view the principles.

MasterCard® Zero Liability Policy

If you are a MasterCard® credit card cardholder, you will receive the benefit of Zero Liability in the event of the unauthorized use of your Canadian-issued MasterCard-branded card. For more information, visit the MasterCard® Canada website.

Visa® Zero Liability Policy

The policy provides protection against fraudulent transactions. For more information, visit the Visa® Canada website.