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We can help you refinance your mortgage through the federal Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).

HARP, a federal government program, provides an opportunity for eligible homeowners to refinance with less paperwork than a traditional refinance. Even if the home has declined in value, refinancing through HARP can help lower payments or change to a more stable loan type (for example, from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage).

Here are some of the benefits of refinancing with a HARP loan:

  • You can qualify for a loan even if your home has declined in value.
  • You can lower your monthly payment.
  • If you currently have an adjustable-rate mortgage, you’ll be able to change to a more stable fixed-rate loan.

Call the number on your letter to find out how we can help you — before this offer expires.


Here's what customers have said about this program:

  • “Couldn’t have been easier!”
  • “The process was easy, clean and most timely.”
  • “This program is a great relief for me…”
  • “…it seemed as if I was the one and only client, and that my satisfaction was very important to Chase.”
  • “This was truly an unexpected financial blessing.”
  • “Chase is offering us such a great deal and we’re really excited about it.”


No Closing Costs:

You, the customer, are not responsible to pay any bank fees, which means no application, processing, appraisal, credit report or origination fees. Third-party costs associated with closing the loan are also paid by Chase. Items other than bank and third party fees such as daily interest, property taxes, and escrow adjustments must be paid by you, if applicable. You may be able to finance these as part of your new loan balance instead of paying for them at the time of closing.

The amount you save on a refinanced mortgage may vary by loan. If a refinanced mortgage has a longer term than remains on your current loan, you will incur additional interest charges for the extended term.

Offer Eligibility Criteria:

We believe you are eligible for this special program based on information available at the time this mailing was prepared. Eligibility is subject to the following items:

  1. You must respond on or before the expiration date printed on the letter you received and provide certain information we will request.
  2. You must consent to Chase obtaining a current credit report. Information in the credit report may result in requests for additional documentation and may result in ineligibility.
  3. This program is conditioned on verification that:
    • You are employed and/or have a steady source of income along with sufficient assets to close on your new loan. We will review the amount of your income and compare it to your outstanding debts. In some cases, we may require additional documentation to verify your ability to repay the loan.
    • You must be current on your mortgage payments at the time of closing.
    • Your loan is not a Texas Home Equity loan as defined in Section 50(a)(6) of the Texas Constitution.
    • You have no bankruptcy, foreclosure, judgments or liens affecting the property being refinanced and are not a party to a law suit.
    • Borrowers on the new loan must remain the same as the original loan, except in some cases in which one of the original borrowers is deceased.
    • Your property is a detached single-family residence (not a manufactured home) or an eligible condominium. Please call us for details on eligible condominiums.
    • There is a net benefit to you such as a reduced principal and interest payment, a lower rate, or converting to a more stable product (such as moving from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate).
  4. Program availability is also conditioned on the following:
    • If you have a second mortgage (e.g., a home equity loan or line of credit) please call as we can work with most second lien lenders.
    • If your property is in South Carolina, to qualify for this offer, your second lien must be with Chase. If your second lien mortgage is with another lender, please call us as other options may be available.
    • If your property is in a revocable trust, the trust agreement will be required as part of the refinance process. For properties in a land or irrevocable trust, this offer will not be available. Other options may exist. Please call us for details.
    • If your current mortgage has Private Mortgage Insurance, you may not be eligible for this offer. Please call us for additional details.
  5. You will sign the required closing documents.
  6. This offer is not transferable to another property or person.

If we are unable to verify any of the items in section 3 above or you do not meet the requirements in section 4 above, we may not be able to proceed with this offer. However, we still may be able to help you reduce your mortgage rate or payment with one of our many other Chase mortgage programs—please call us for details.

If the borrower or a family member is an auditor or examiner of JPMorgan Chase, additional restrictions may apply.

Not available for cash out or debt consolidation loans. Interest on the portion of the loan in excess of fair market value of the property is not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Consult a tax advisor for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges.

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