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Networking with Purpose: Powerful Women Working Together

After a full day of inspiring keynotes and insightful breakout sessions at the 2015 Inc 5000 conference, female business owners in attendance were invited to a Women's Networking with Purpose event hosted by Chase for Business.

Many chose to network the old fashioned way, floating around the room and making new friends with an outstretched hand and a smile. And some, interested in engaging on specific subjects, participated in discussions on topics like managing a board, cultivating great people, cracking the code on capital and moving women to the front of the workplace.

"I was thrilled to see the break out session of all women CEOs," said Diana Flett, founder of Girl Smarts, a company she says gives young girls the skills they need to develop early leadership and drive. "As women, we've faced unique challenges and having the chance to share our perspective was very valuable. I was immediately drawn to the table focusing on how we get more women in top positions in the business world."

Women Walking the Same Path

For others, it was all about connecting with other women and feeling camaraderie. Kristi Wilder, vice president of marketing for Davis Defense Group, was among those who said they were inspired by sharing stories with fellow female entrepreneurs.

"Connecting with other women was a highlight of the conference. There were a number of people who were as down-to-earth as they were ambitious. Hearing their stories was fascinating," she said.

Jessica Mah, CEO at inDinero, also endorsed the power of working together with women.

"I never really sought out female entrepreneurs when I started out back in 2010. Now, I realize the ladies can be more helpful than the fellas. Call it a testosterone-free, braggadocio-free zone of sorts. Now, I throw female founder dinners and clearly have great women founders as both friends and confidants, like Lisa Falzone and Jenn Lim."

Others made connections that will last long after the event ended. Heather Morgan, CEO at Salesfolk, said she met a number of "awesome female business owners "with a wide range of companies, experiences, and backgrounds.

"I really enjoyed hearing their unique stories and hearing their business goals and challenges. Some were similar to my own. But, even the ones that weren't were interesting and I could extrapolate my own lessons from them."

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