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Chase Slate Presents: Powering Ahead with Josh Sundquist Chase Slate Presents: Powering Ahead with Josh Sundquist
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Chase Slate Presents: Powering Ahead with Josh Sundquist

The following article and video is part of "Real Money/Real Talk," a series presented by Chase Slate in which people share stories of how their personal finances have evolved.

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Chase Slate cardmember, Josh Sundquist has an impressive list of accomplishments. When Sundquist was nine years old, he lost a leg to cancer. Despite this challenge, he went out to be a Paralympic skier, write three books, and is now a sought after motivational speaker. He also plays on a national soccer team.

Sundquist is known for his elaborate, one-legged Halloween costumes. In the past he has been a Flamingo, an IHOP sign and even Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

"Sharing what makes me different helps me connect with other people and fuels my creativity," he says. "I'm able to find humor in my speeches."

In this video, Sundquist talks about the importance of having a plan and working hard towards a goal.

"Whether it's a soccer match or any other goal, you win based on the preparation that you put in," he says. When you can stay on track of your budget and your finances, you can focus on other, more important things in your life.

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