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Twitter: How to Get Started for Your Business

Many entrepreneurs use Twitter to build their businesses and market their products and services, but it can be overwhelming.

Russ Laraway, Vice President of People at Qualtrics, says the social-media network realized that many businesses want to build social-marketing efforts but don't know where to start.

You can break the process into four steps, says Jennifer Hawkins, founder of Zest: Listen, Learn, Engage and Expand.

Watch these videos to hear small business owners give advice on each of those four steps:

Video 1: LISTEN Businesses need to pay attention to what's being said on Twitter "because our consumers and prospects are out there having conversations that we should be part of," says Meagen Eisenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at MongoDB.

Video 2: LEARN "Understand your customer," says Tracy Lawrence, CEO and cofounder of Chewse. "Understand who that person is. What are the brands that they love? Understand who they're engaging with."

Video 3: ENGAGE "I've seen the results myself," says Emily Castor, Senior Director of Policy & Public Affairs at Lime, "over and over again, of surprising people with our level of responsiveness. They were like, 'wow, I can't believe you're going to invest this time in really listening to me."

Video 4: EXPAND "If you can put out good enough content that can motivate some of your existing followers to retweet, that is often a key mechanism for you to generate more followers," Laraway says.

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