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Bold Leaders


Welcome to Innovation & Leadership: A Letter from the Editors

Insights for You to Power the Possible

Welcome to our section focused on Innovation and Leadership. We're glad you're here.

At Chase, we believe that new ideas and bold thinking are the catalysts of growth. Innovation — translating an idea into a product or service that creates value for customers — drives change and progress. So at this exciting time in history, when the pace of innovation is so rapid and ideas can come from any direction, we'll use this section to regularly bring you new stories that inform and inspire.

We want to share and highlight the ways that ideas become reality, along with the stories behind the fascinating leaders who make them happen. People who are taking companies and organizations in exciting new directions. Ideas that impact our communities and the world. New ways to think, address challenges, advance society and create change.

We take pride in our own leaders at Chase and will bring you their stories too. And we'll share some of the inspiration we find in our work with community groups and with programs that help young people develop strong leadership skills.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please share your thoughts with us via FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

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