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Growing a Business With Online Video: How One Entrepreneur Did It

Video Is One of the Fastest Growing Ways to Promote a Business Online

Angelle Albright knows a thing or two about growing a business online.

Her company, Chemo Beanies, sells comfortable and stylish head coverings for women suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatments. Albright started the business, which is a recent recipient of a Chase Mission Main Street grant, with her sister a few years ago after being diagnosed with cancer. She now sells products primarily through her website to women all around the world.

Ask her how to grow your online presence, and she’ll probably tell you to focus on one thing: video.

The Online Video Revolution

“Video is the best way to get your message out,” she says. “It’s a way to show how cool you are. It’s inexpensive and easy to share online.”

She’s right. A recent summary of tech trends by Etnerasys CMO Vala Afashar shows the growth of online video is eye-opening: More than 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. In fact, YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-34 than any TV cable network. And according to marketing site DigitalSherpa, not only does video account for one-third of all online activity, but 75% of users will visit a company’s website after viewing a video, and these visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product because of watching the video.

Albright believes that any business hoping to build its online presence should focus on video. Her YouTube channel is popular, with a video story behind ChemoBabies garnering more than 100,000 views. Now, she’s working on a complete revamp of her website based around videos of cancer patients telling their stories, sharing their fears, and discussing their hopes. She intends to draw female cancer patients and survivors from all over the world to see these stories, share their own, and become part of her community. Her action plan serves as a good introduction to online video for other small businesses, too.

Using Online Video to Grow Business

She’s partnering with professionals to get help. She’s working with a great web designer and a talented videographer. She gets their help with recording and editing, and is also big on using local college students to help her with the work because “they’re young, they’re hungry and they’re really smart.”

She’s relying on social media to get the word out. Chemo Beanies has a very active Facebook page with more than 16,000 likes. “I know who cancer patients are,” she says, and she’s spent a considerable amount of time over the years seeking out these patients so that she can connect with them, primarily on Facebook. “I post on their pages and engage them online. They tell their friends and so on. This drives visitors back to my site.” She's also expanding onto Twitter.

She has made this video project her number one priority. “There are six of us here at Chemo Beanies,” she said. “But my main responsibility is marketing and my primary focus is on our website.”

Through video, Albright believes she can touch people in ways that the written word can’t, by creating a community of female cancer patients and survivors who share their stories and find strength with others like them.

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